GLLKA Fundraiser Complete!

This past June, Christopher Whisperings author J. Shep sought to allocate a percentage of each sale of The December Issue towards a donation, and apropos to the lighthouse-featured cover art by Nellie Conboy and the lighthouse-featured novel setting on Lake Superior, he designated Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association as the recipient.  On behalf of Christopher Whisperings, GLLKA, and all who supported, through 10% of each title sold along with extra contributions by generous donors, we secured a donation amount of $118.00 for GLLKA.  Pretty good for June sales of a December-titled book!

We hope these funds can, in some small way, bolster the good work GLLKA does to help preserve lighthouses and maintain quality Great Lakes, both aesthetically and environmentally.  Their commitment to fostering volunteer and service opportunities was of particular note to Shep, who enjoyed posts of persons of all ages donating their time to something outside themselves.

For more on Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association, visit their website here.

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This June Only, J. Shep's The December Issue supports Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

Christopher Whisperings author J. Shep is donating 10% of June profits for The December Issue sales to The Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association.  "The response to the lighthouse scenes, including the celebration of the sesquicentennial and the display of the lighthouse's characteristic, was so positive and enthusiastic that I am thrilled to be able to support an association that strives to promote and to preserve lighthouses," Shep says.  The cover art, an original watercolor by artist Nellie Conboy, features a lighthouse, as well.  "I remember when I met with Nellie to see the first versions of the cover art.  She was adamant the lighthouse be featured."

GLLKA provides invaluable resources and information about our beautiful Great Lakes and their lighthouses, offers day trips, highlights volunteer opportunities, and more!

This June only, with every purchase of J. Shep's The December Issue, Christopher Whisperings will donate 10% of the cover price to GLLKA. 

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Geralyn Hesslau Magrady Book Signing at the Pile Bookstore

Author of Christopher Whisperings's soon-to-come novella When Walls Talk, Geralyn Hesslau Magrady spent an evening signing copies of her previously released novel Lines at the Pile Bookstore in Berwyn, Illinois.  The April 27 signing coincided with Independent Bookstore Day.

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J. Shep's The December Issue in Readers' Hands This Week!

The December Issue Arrives

Christopher Whisperings author J. Shep is thrilled to see his novel The December Issue reach his readers this week.  "I'm so happy that preorders have shipped and are in the hands of readers," Shep states.  "I hope their reactions are as positive as the reviews have been."

And those reviews-- positive they, indeed, are:

Now you can read for yourself and spread the word!  If you haven't, order your copy today here!

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