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The December Issue - Novel by J. Shep

The December Issue - Novel by J. Shep

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Description of J. Shep's The December Issue

The joys of retirement feel imminent to columnist Paul Scrivensby, but when his penultimate column stirs controversy, the writer soon finds easing into carefree days of leisure a luxury growing elusive. Embroiled in the unexpected pursuits presented before him while on the verge of retirement, Paul discovers what he and others are capable of and searches for understanding of what is truly expected of him at this pivotal point in his life.

Format  Paperback

Pages 190

ISBN  979-8-9884643-0-3

Praise for J. Shep's The December Issue

"a splendid work of enormous value and imagination. . . The December Issue warms up the soul from its first chapter to the last.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews, 5 Stars

“characters. . . are easily relatable and just as easy to love and root for. . . Shep has authored a unique and fascinating novel.” – Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"a fresh narrative whose scale, ambition, and pathos elevate the text above many... J. Shep has written a sprawling, imperative story." - Pacific Book Review

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