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Christopher Whisperings

R&R: A Feast of Words - Novella by Maria Giuseppa

R&R: A Feast of Words - Novella by Maria Giuseppa

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Description of R&R:  A Feast of Words

Life flows in ways of its own choosing, not always relinquishing control to each individual.  Often, we cannot change the course of events that determine health, death, and so many emotional and physical trials.  Each of them could certainly defeat us if we had to face them alone.  But what if we had one person, just one, that we could always count on?  One person to whom being young or beautiful, rich or even right, mattered not at all?

One person that could endure distance and time, sorrow and joy, secrets and revelations, silence--or a feast of words?

Format  Paperback

Pages  142

ISBN  979-8-9884643-2-7

Praise for R&R:  A Feast of Words

“a story of two people who belong with each other no matter what form their belonging takes. . . R&R will linger in readers' hearts for a lifetime.” –Chanticleer Book Reviews, 5 Stars

“[Giuseppa] proves her talents as a wordsmith as well as her intellectual and empathetic strengths as an artist” –Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“Giuseppa presents a unique style, engrossing story, and familiar characters you’ll want to invite for dinner!” –Geralyn Hesslau Magrady, author of Lines and When Walls Talk

“Through an unparalleled care and understanding for people and relationships, Giuseppa paints friendship as it should be.  I could not stop reading.” –J. Shep, author of The December Issue and After Me

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